Skippy Experts are here to help!

Onboarding Assistance

The Skippy Experts take care of the entire onboarding for you, usually with a single touch. Sign up, get fully verified and start buying bitcoin in no time.

Self Custody Assistance

Before you can withdraw your bitcoin, you need to setup a wallet. The Skippy Experts can discuss the different wallet setups, pros and cons, and help you setup your wallet in a secure manner.

Tailored Communication

The Skippy Experts can communicate with you in the way that suits you best. In person, video calls, audio calls, direct messages and/or emails.

Trusted Advisors

Each and every one of the Skippy Experts is a Bitcoiner. They are all very familiar with Bitaroo and with Bitcoin and can help you navigate through all the obstacles.

Paid Service

Skippy is a paid service. The Skippy Experts are independent consultants. They work for you, not for Bitaroo.

The Skippy Experts

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Benefits of Using a Skippy Expert

Here are three of the main benefits of engaging a Skippy Expert:

1. Concierge VIP Service:

Simplify the onboarding process with personalised assistance and guidance. A smooth transition into the Bitcoin world, ultimately saving time, money, frustrations while minimising risks.

2. Trusted Advisor:

Enjoy a sense of security, knowing you have a knowledgable advisor to guide you through your first steps.

3. Additional Services:

Skippy Experts may be able to help with all Bitcoin things: not only onboarding to Bitaroo, buying bitcoin and withdrawing it, but also setting up cold wallets and even estate planning.


Pier's Price
Parman's Price
Onboarding to Bitaroo
Single-touch sign up, video KYC and daily deposit limit increase to $250k
0.0085 BTC
Cold Wallet
Learn how to self custody your bitcoin
contact to enquire
contact to enquire
Estate Planning
What happens to your stack if you pass away? Can your estate reach it?
Customise a solution that is right for you
contact to enquire
contact to enquire

Prices are GST inc.

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1Are the Skippy Experts employed by Bitaroo?
No, the Skippy Experts are independent contractors. They are well-known within the Australian Bitcoin Community, and Bitaroo is honored to partner with them, assisting in the onboarding process as well as providing other services.
2Should I share my login credentials or private keys with my Skippy Expert?
No, never. A Skippy Expert should never ask you to share your credentials or private keys with them.
3What to do if I encounter an issue with my Skippy Expert
You can always contact Bitaroo. We are happy to help.