How it all started

@BitarooExchange, Twitter, 20/12/2018:

And that's how it all started. With a wish-list of features. A list that in effect described an exchange that has everything a Bitcoiner would want combined with a friendly and intuitive interface, all while being safe guarded by state of the art security measures.

The present

Our work isn't done yet.
We are still building our dream exchange. There are many (many) more features to come and we are excited to share them with you as soon as possible.

The people behind the curtain

We are a team of Aussie Bitcoiners comprised of traders, IT geeks, finance professionals and business people.
We are passionate about what we do and we like to do it well. Really, really well.

Company Directors:

Ran Oren

Ethan Timor

Bitaroo's internal policy includes:

  • Self Insurance Fund (SIF): 10% of trading fees are being placed in a seperate account to act as insurance, in case the unthinkable happens
  • HODL: Any excess BTC from withdrawal fees is held long term with no short or mid term plans to sell or convert to dirty fiat
  • Donations: 10% of EBITA will be donated to worthy causes such as Free Ross, supporting Bitcoin developers and environmental organisations
  • Full node: in order to support the Bitcoin network, Bitaroo is running a full node
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